AMPM Healthcare Indonesia
Sertifikasi CDAKB 2022


Power Beat X3

Physical Charactel (including handle)

Height: 232mm
Width: 209mm
Depth: 59mm
: 1.5kg (including batteryand pads)
Tolerable Impact/Fall Damage: Can withstand free fall damage from a height of 1.5M onto the hard surfaces.



- Type: Lithium manganese dioxide (Li/Mn02)
- battery (non-rechargeable), 12V/3000mAh
- Capacity: At 20°C+2°C, the new battery can discharge 200210 times at 150.
- Operation Life (standby): 5 years (typical)
- Low Battery Status: A battery that indicates
- low battery can still be used >10 times at 150.