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Sertifikasi CDAKB 2022


Rutilight & Rutiside

Surgeons all over the world often complain of the poor quality of the surgical lighting during some of their procedures.

In many surgical interventions, there are areas that remain dark or shadowy despite the use of overhead OR lighting or other additional lighting, such as headlights or lighted retractors. This lack of adequate lighting can negatively impact surgical procedures and their outcomes.

The device allows the light beam to be concentrated on the surgical field in front of the surgical instruments to focus on the surgeon’s immediate field, to illuminate it intensely and very closely and to penetrate poorly illuminated cavities and corners.

Rutilight/Rutiside can be attached to the most commonly used instruments in the operating theatre: from the electric scalpel, aspirator and forceps, to scissors, electric sealer, dissector, bipolar forceps or any other instrument whose diameter allows it.

This allows the same device to be used on several instruments consecutively in the same surgery, or several units to be used simultaneously on several instruments.

Its use does not require an extra hand!

Up to 5 hours of bright light.

Adaptation of the Rutilight, as well as the 5-12mm Rutiside, to any 5-8mm diameter instrument.

Low power consumption.

Optimum colour temperature for the chromatic reproduction of organs, vessels and tissues.

Minimum weight that does not affect the instrument's grip.